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We at AMISCENT Careers is a boutique IT Services Firm which aims to provide a complete spectrum of IT Services to our clients. We aim to be the best human resource partner for software corporations and other companies who constantly need top quality individuals.

We are a leading provider of talent sourcing, training and development services for the IT industry. Our expansive portfolio of services includes staff augmentation, outsourcing, consulting and software development.

Amiscent Consultancy Services was established by a passionate team of professionals with not only a background in management but also in technical excellence. When considering the lack of qualified contractors worldwide, the founders felt they had a sense of responsibility to increase employment opportunities for skilled IT personnel through outsourcing from countries such as India where skills are abundant and much cheaper when compared to the US or UK

A team of creative solution providers, Amiscent has an excellent track record for delivering projects on time and within budget, showing commitment to project timelines and achieving desirable results.

We believe in a team-oriented approach in which each member is an undeniable asset to the company. The mission of our company is to grow together with our partners into a world-class company that will continue to drive innovation in providing professional consulting services.


We are determined to build a highly spirited organization with a view that candidates and the workers together gain knowledge, make connections and cultivate a network.

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